Our Home Selling Services  

  • Overview of Services
  • Benefits of Working with Edelweiss
  • How Edelweiss Specializes

    Here is what EDELWEISS will do for you:
    • EDELWEISS knows real estate values, can intelligently assist you to determine the fair market price of a home at the time of sale - helping to assure top dollar for your property.
    • EDELWEISS has a list of pre-screened prospects: people seriously interested in buying a home.
    • EDELWEISS is familiar with zoning codes, neighborhoods, schools, churches, transportation and shopping centers.
    • EDELWEISS has many years of experience, we can offer many valuable suggestions on how to make your home more salable.
    • EDELWEISS knows how to advertise a property to gain maximum results, and has referral from others.
    • EDELWEISS pre-screens all prospects, sets up appointments and personally shows the property. You are not bothered with lookers, curious and undesirable traffic.
    • EDELWEISS does not have personal ties or fond memories concerning the property. Therefore, we are better able to answer all questions objectively and professionally.
    • EDELWEISS knows how to "sell" the property and obtain a firm offer without pressuring the buyer.
    • EDELWEISS knows how to assist the buyer in obtaining a mortgage, the amount of down payment required, points, escrow, property taxes, closing costs and utility bills.
    • EDELWEISS will assist in guiding you through the paperwork to help assure that title evidence and all other documents are properly and legally executed at closing time.
    • EDELWEISS, if you so desire, will hold open houses to maximize the exposure of your home to potential buyers.
    • EDELWEISS operates under a strict Code of Ethics enforced by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS assuring you the most competent, professional and ethical performance available.

    There are eight ways you will benefit by having Edelweiss represent you in the sale of your home. Specifically, these are:
    1. Edelweiss can make your home more attractive to potential buyers
    2. Edelweiss can help you determine the right price
    3. Edelweiss can expose your home to a great number of potential buyers
    4. Edelweiss can sort out all prospects
    5. Edelweiss can help prospects decide on taking action on your home
    6. Edelweiss can skillfully negotiate 
    7. Edelweiss can help buyers secure mortgage money when necessary
    8. Edelweiss can eliminate a lot of red tape

    Our real estate professionals have been refining these skills daily since 1975 and are aware of what it takes to consummate a successful real estate transaction in today's growingly complex markets.  Why trust just anyone with some of your most important lifetime decisions?  Allow us to leverage our experience and competence to save you time and assist you in making the happy transition you deserve.  

    Edelweiss has developed a very effective program for marketing local real estate. 
    We believe that specialization is the most effective way to offer our clients superior service based on in-depth market knowledge and expertise gained from an extensive history of sales in a particular market.  Here are only a few examples of how we specialize:
    • Excellent history of Sales
    • 8"x12" color photos are displayed in our office of our homes for sale
    • Advertising focusing on our key target markets that we serve
    • Generous referral system and cooperation with other Brokers
    • Prime high visibilty and convenient main office location on Main Street
    • All our staff are native residents
    • Extensive prospect list of Serious & Qualified Buyers
    • Access to Mortgage Money for all types of properties
    • Internet Site - information and communication
    Our focus is to minimize the anxiety, complexity, risk and uncertainties homeowners can experience when selling their home.  As an established independent company, we value the opportunity to work with you and strive to exceed your expectations for a smooth selling process.