----- For Licensed Real Estate Brokers -----

There are probably instances where you will have a client wishing to purchase or sell property in the market where we specialize daily.  If these are areas where you cannot provide excellent customer service because they are distant or unfamiliar, please consider referring your client to Edelweiss Properties.  Learn more from just a few of our many past successful referral relationships & buyer client testimonials!
Edelweiss will pay a 25% referral fee for any listing you may refer to us, OR if you wish to actively participate in the sale, we would be happy to co-list with you.
Edelweiss will pay a 25% referral fee and do all the work.
To assist your prospects we offer: 
  • A knowledgeable staff who are lake residents
  • A complete presentation of all lake properties presently for sale
  • A complete Tax Roll database of every Canandaigua Lake property in our office
  • A complete transaction background on every Canandaigua Lake property
We look forward to working with you! 
Note: Referral fees are based on 25% of the listing or selling commission received by our office and you must register your prospects with Edelweiss either by phone or in writing prior to our having worked with the client.